Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fringy days

I'm a fringe girl deluxe with a straight fringe, it almost looks like a helmet!! It's good cus you can hide your eyebrows too, haha. Every week I have to cut it and it's not friendly all the times trust me. First I take my straightener and make my fringe straight and nice and then cut cut cut. Those days when I'm in a hurry are the worst days. I'm standing in my bathroom and I think everything is under control with the scissor, it's not. Sometimes the right fringe side has been 2 centimeters shorter than the left and thats bad, especially if you're going to meet someone and you want to have the perfect hair- it just never turns up that way! I just fixed my fringe today but I promise that I have to fix it before I'm leaving on saturday too, it's growing so fast. The other two photos is just a "good-morning sunshine-hair-at-home". As you can see on the photo the first one is "before" and then the wo wa wo result, voila! Helmet fringe forever!

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Dapper Kid said...

Your hair is soooo cool!!