Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lipstick maffia

What in makeup way wouldn't you survive without? : my eyeliner and my lipsticks. There's nothing better to put on when you are in a hurry and voila, your day is saved (erhm.) It all started two years ago. I just got my little summer break from school and me and mum decided that I should get something. And there it was. A little bubblegum pink shimmer lipstick from Chanel. The lady who sold it showed me three times by opening the lipstick that the Chanel logo actually were on the lipstick. Yes, ok that's great..Thank you! So after that Chanel-lipstick-moment, the collection started and it's still growing. As you can see M.A.C is my true love. Seriously, there is no better lipstick and it's 10 times better than the chanel I've got. My friends think I'm a bit crazy but I actually use them all. Ok, I have to admit that the dark colours are my fav ones right now. Like purple, dark plum, fuchsia, shocking pink. They are the best ones! I guess this is my bad (and good) obsession..Matte M.A.C lipsticks für alles!

What's your secret obsession? And what colour, when it comes to lipsticks, do you prefer?


coco said...

I hardly ever wear lipstick, I can't pull it off!
I adore mascara though!

Anonymous said...

I dont really like the lipsticks from MAC, I love the colours but for some reason it wont last very long. do you have the same problem?