Thursday, July 31, 2008

Luggage panic

Ok I've just started to pack my bags for London now on saturday and I'll be there for five days. And this is madness; my bag is allready heavy and I haven't gone shopping yet! The last time we were there, we had to pay £70 cus it was too heavy and we couldn't just throw something out we just bought! I wonder how this will go, haha. This time I will just bring one pair of heels cus I think I prefer to run around in flats (but two pair of heels would be nice though..but it's too heavy now. ) Tomorrow I'll show you a video of the mess. Am I the only one here who got a luggage thats full before the shopping trip started!? I need more kilos please!! Messy M.

..and I'm happy to be a part of global CC's on the lovely laculturecreatorsblog! Thank you for the sweet text: )
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Hello doll:)
Your feature is up! Please take a looksy, there is a lovely write up about you + a link to your blog. Let your blog fans know so they can peep it too!:) Hope you like!!Yay! Goodluck packing!!


Miss Victory said...

Surprisingly for someone who loves clothes so much I pack really light! I don't like to feel hot and weighed down by bags. On the way back from New York last christmas they made me throw away a bottle of perfume because apparently it was too much liquid in one bottle or some such idiocy. I was NOT pleased. Hope you manage to get everything back home! I love shopping in London!

Anonymous said...

ure english is fucked up bad little one!