Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Neon love in Tokyo

If someone ask me where I'd love to be right now, my friends could answer that within a few seconds; Tokyo. I've had this crush on Japan since I was 15, so it's been five years and I still haven't reached my paradise! Instead of saving money for Japan, me and my mum have been in London x times for shopping and travelling. I've met really amazing persons I never thought I could meet, lovelove. Well I guess London and UK has been good to me. But...I still need to go to Japan! I dont know how to save money, but it wouldn't be that hard..(hmrpf?)
The lolita outfits (my god) they are still my fav outfits! All the ribbons, the lace, skirts with 100 layers, knee socks, dresses with cute prints..yes everything! I just can't (and won't) get rid of that from my little brain. Some of my fav brands are methamorphose (webshop in english!!) and angelicpretty, check it out.
Kana was one of the J-rock/lolita girls I noticed when my "japan-crush" started. The photos with her are so good but still a bit naughty, just the way we like it. And she looks like a doll and have the prettiest outfits. Don't you think!? The best thing is that my friend Sophie got the chance to interview her in London last year before her concert (or was it after...) and she was a shy shy little girl, but dressed in her lolita outfit. Love to her.

Shinjuku, Shibuya, cherry trees, maid cafées, Harajuku, Vivienne Westwood(!!), rilakkuma, crazy outfits and so much more is waiting.

Will you come with me?

(Images from angelicpretty.com, noodlegumi.net/konomi/kana/)


Rich Hippie said...

Harajuku girl you got some wicked style i lov the way that you are, i am your biggest fan.

hahaha alskar den dar laten by Gwen stefani
rember when i was in my Harajuku faze...

Anonymous said...

kannaaaaaaaaaa is THE best!