Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No graduation without Betsey

The graduation last summer was definitely one of the best days in my life. After 12 years in school, this was the final day for us. Me and my mum went to London two months before the big graduation to get a lovely dress for the big day. I did some researchs after pretty dresses and I found Betsey Johnson. My god, those dresses! They are like candy. I saw this beautiful, white fluffy dress and I decided that it was the one I'd love to wear for the graduation.

The Betsey store in London is in Covent Garden, so I wrote down the address and we were on our way. The store is so cute and everything in there is just amazing. When we arrived there I was looking at all the dresses, trying to find the white cake dress! And there it was. In my size! I had to try it on (even if the price was higher than on the us website.) It was so pretty and I was sure that I couldn't get a better dress. I can still try it on sometimes and I don't regret that I bought it. You wouldn't do that either! Thank god for the internet and for Betsey dresses - makes your life a bit better (sometimes.)

In the pink bag; my new lover

(Image from betseyjohnson.com)


CoutureCarrie said...

Dreamy dresses - I love a bit of pouf!

Dapper Kid said...

Beautiful dress! And yay, London Town :)

iñaki said...

And also congrats on that utterly brilliant outfit at the bottom!


coco said...

The dress looks great. Such a lovely style!


Ahhh you look so cute! Gotta love BJ!

p.s. I will be running your feature sooooon:)


hannah said...

amazing! i love that dress.