Friday, August 08, 2008

Back to black

Ok not really but I'm back in La Suede! London was fun and a bit rainy and I'm not tired of it, yet, even if I've been there nine times now. Thank god for cheap flights with ryanair, haha. My feet still hurts after all the running on buses and tubes hey ho hey. I also went to Loughborough for a day to visit a sweetiepie. The most amazing Westwood shoes broke my heart. They were on 60% sale and I could get them for £140. I'm a size 40/41 and I asked for size 40 but they just had 41. No problems (I thought) and just asked if they had the 41 size in stock and yes. It was a bit scary to try them on cus I've been DREAMING about these shoes for a long time now. When they were on, I saw that there was a little space between my heel and the shoe. Maybe 1.5 centimeters. And the shoes should stretch more..C'EST MISERABLE. I ended up with another pair of VW heels instead but I promise you that I'll get my dream heels very very soon.

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Rich Hippie said...

msn'n ar:

Miss Victory said...

I'm so sorry you missed out on the Westwood heels! But where there's a way - they will be yours eventually!

I love the photo of you in this entry. So pretty, and great hair. I'm getting a fringe soon and if I look anything like you I'll be a happy girl!