Monday, August 11, 2008

How to get your wardrobe in one luggage

I've been a bad blogger for a few days now, sorry! Just haven't been in a good "blogmood" but hey it's coming back. The whole weekend has been rainy as a rainforest in the middle of a heavy monsoon rain. Literally. But after rainy weather sunshine is up next and a good thing with these wet days is that you can just sit inside, take a cup of tea and just think think all day long. My main question this weekend; if you're moving to another country, what is/are the most important thing/things (in clothes/shoes) you need to bring with you? I mean, what if you're just able to bring 20 kilos luggage on the flight?

Some of the biggest airlines and how much luggage they allow:
Ryanair - 15 Kilos
SAS (economy) - 20 kilos
Air France - 25 kilos (depends on destination)
Lufthansa - 20 kilos (economy)
KLM - 20 kilos (economy)

Kimberly Stewart, is your Lv luggage more than 20 kilos? I bet! (Image from


Dapper Kid said...

Hard question! I guess all the important house stuff would be shipped furniture and most belongings. For that one suitcase I would probably take a few outfits and some small sentimental pieces. Basically what I need until I can get the rest of my stuff!

Anonymous said...

it is hard
When I was moving to japan I only had 15 kilos and 10 kilos handbag
it was impossible because like 15 kilos are presents so I just brought the basic stuff like black dress plain shirts t shirts 2 pants and that's all! Of course you wear as much as you can on the plane so I was coming like its the middle of winter though it was march~
but hey I'm in japan who wants to wear the old creepy clothes??
I already bought so many beatiful clothes that I think I'll have to ship like everything home before I leave:D

Savvy Mode SG said...

Ms. S wouldn't mind paying for over charges. what if she doesn't have all her favorite outfits, then what is she going to do, right!!!