Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Photo of the day..

Ok it's not a photo but it's a video clip with Britney's VMA promo avec the host Russel Brand. She looks great!
Britney's back y'all! ;D


Dapper Kid said...

Haha I love Russell Brand, he is soooo funny!! And yay for Britney, I hope she is doing ok!

sydneydoll said...

i used to like britney when she first came out, then i started disliking her by her fourth album, in the zone.

she got too arrogant.

i like her again.

i think sometimes you need to fall to realise whats important.

im so happy shes better now.

Times of Glory said...

I hope she can be back. Poor girl, she needs some help and a good rest xxxxxxx