Wednesday, September 17, 2008

24 Hours With Myriam

6:30 am Woke up early as I was going to work.
7:00 am Breakfast with my mum. Musli, orange juice, two slices of crisp bread with hummus, cucumber and some sunflower seeds. Read the morning newspaper quick.
7:30 am Mum went to work. Turned on the radio, grabbed my clothes for the day, went down to do the bathroom.
7:45 am Went up to my room, left my pyjama. On with the moisturizing cream, grabbed my makeupbag and my straightener and went down to the bathroom.
7:50 am Powder, kohl pencil and then the fix spray were the basic makeup. Waiting for the fix spray to absorb into my skin.
7:55 am Lip primer, lip pencil, red lipstick and eyeliner. Used cotton swabs to fix the eyeliner. Ran up with the makeup bag and went back down. Plugged in the straightener and turned it on.
8:05 am Done with my fringe and hair. Went up, sprayed hairspray on my fringe and pulled on my cardigan.
8:15 am Packed my handbag with necessary things. Makeup, keys, travelcard, lunchbox.
8:25 am Said goodbye to my dad. Throwed on my grey trenchcoat and flats and walked out the door.
8:29 am Jumped on the tram and sat there for about 20 minutes. Cold.
8:55 am Ran to 7-eleven and bought some cough drops.
9:00 am Started work, took a glass of water. Began to call different companies.
10:00 am Five minutes break.
10:10 am Went to 10 minutes break instead. Oops. Had a cup of tea as well.
10:20 am Marina came to the office and started talk to me about the upcoming project during my work.
10:40 amMarina left. Continued the work
11:58 am Went to the lunchroom, throwed in my veg spagbol in the microwave. Ate it quickly.
12:10 pm Took my bag and my coat and ran out to meet my mum.
12:15 pm Meet my mum as she wanted to show a pair of flats for me. They didn't have them in my size. Walked out of the store.
12:20 pm Went into another shoe store. Found a pair of flats. Tried them on in size 7, yes they were good. Bought them.
12:25 pm Said goodbye to my mum and headed back to the office.
12:30 pm Continued my work.
13:20 pm Filled my glass with more water.
14:30 pm 15 minutes break. Had a cup of coffee but it didn't taste good. More water instead.
15:58 pm Left work and jumped on the tram back home. Called my friend.
16:30 pm Meet my friend with her dog. Ran in to my house and took out my dog.
16:45 pm Back home. Spoke to my dad, turned on the laptop, ate some müsli and made myself a cup of tea.
16:55 pm Watched Gossip Girl episode 3 on youtube as I was drinking my tea.
17:25 pm Paused Gossip Girl. My mum came home. Spoke to her and went back to GG.
17:50 pm Made dinner. Red quinoa with beans and salad. Simple but yum.
18:30 pm We all had dinner.
19:00 pm Went back to the computer. Read some blogs, checked ebay and other communities.
20:30 pm Evening walk with my dog. Meet my mum who had gone to the store to pick up my winter coat from h&m. Too cold outside.
20:50 pm Had a cup of tea and chocolate in the kitchen.
21:05 pm Tried on my new coat. It's like a trenchcoat in black wool. Couldn't decide if I wanted to keep it or not.
21:20 pm Sat on the laptop chatting with some friends.
22:00 pm Brushed my teeth.
23:30 pm Went to bed.

This took a while. Gah! Haha.


Dapper Kid said...

Oooo new coat and new shoes! Your day sounded super busy! And I'm glad to sede you took a break to watch Gossip Girl :)

Ca said...

Busy and beautiful lady!

Aaah, can't wait for new episodes of Gossip Girl!

coco said...

Very busy day. Fun post!