Tuesday, September 09, 2008

F+ F = True

There is fashion and there is food, the best two F's in my life. I really don't know when it all started but it's so relaxing and fun to just be able to make food, breads and yummy cakes. This weekend I've done my own muesli, oatmilk smoothie and fruit bars. Oat oat oat. If there's any ingredient I use all the time it have to be pumpkin seeds. Or sunflower seeds as I always put it on my morning sandwich. When I was younger I didn't enjoy the breakfast as much as I do now. One sandwich with butter, maybe some cheese on and a cup of tea but I survived school, strangely enough. There's a clear difference with my mood now when I eat more for breakfast. I'm not hungry one hour after my meal and I manage to do more.
What do you eat for breakfast?

ps: If you want some good recipes you need to take a look at my friend Mikaela's blog (it's in Swedish though) I'll promise that the blog will make you hungry like a wolf.


marmalade-heart said...

i dont eat breakfast at all...i know its bad but i couldnt bring myself to eat something in the morning, it makes me feel sick! >_<

BHH said...

For breakfast I eat a piece of bread, or crackers with brie, or just coffee.

Anna Pope said...

Those pumpkin seeds look very delicious on the smoothie.

Breakfast is my favorite meal! I usually have whole wheat cereal with soy milk and added flax seed, nuts and whatever fruit I have lying around the house as well as an egg on the side.


gosh i struggle with breakfast as i so not a morning person but i try to force myself to have some yogurt and fruit. Your breakfast sounds healthy,which is good.

Dapper Kid said...

Ooo that looks yummy! I feel kinda boring...cereal, toast and tea.

Pandasoppa said...

food is lovely, haha, i agree with you.
usually i wake up earlier than i have to since i love mornings (believe it or not), and i put some melonslices, diced apple, grapes or whatever fruit we have at home and put on a plate, some cottage cheese in the middle and, if i am hungry, a boiled egg too.,
really yummy, healthy and luxury (depending on the fruit)