Sunday, September 28, 2008


This weekend I've had the funny fuchsia Luella helmet with veil on my mind. So brilliant! I'm not a good drawer but I think it's very fun to just sit a few hours alone, quiet and just paint or draw what's on your mind.

The helmet is there but it's not completly done yet and I actually had to mix orange with pink as Luella also did in her lovely latest collection (I want the new collection to be on their webshop, now!). I think I'm a bit in love with that combination, who said you can't mix those colours and wear them together? I'll try it on very soon. The tricky question is though; what lipstick should I wear then? I don't want to be Miss Barbie gone all pinky!

What colour combination wouldn't you wear at all?


BHH said...

I think your good at drawing!

Dapper Kid said...

Oh wow I love these! The bottom two look fantastic :) Hmmm it depends on the shade really, I'd never wear....actually I'd probably wear just about anything just for the fun of it!