Wednesday, September 24, 2008

LBD's In Our Heart

After 12 hours days with flats your feet ain't happy so it's great now when I can relax for five days. No work just lazy days at home, we all love them don't we? And right now we're in happy salary times as September is ending and October is knocking on our door. This is the day we've been waiting for! Our wallet has been empy for weeks and our ebay auctions are waiting to get paid, although horrible phone bills are next to us it's always lovely to go (dream about) internet shopping even if we know that our money will slip through our hands within a second. You all know that I adore dresses and it's not getting better when I find new pieces on Acne's website. Sigh deluxe. Let's dream about them.
Which one of them is your favourite?

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BHH said...

The first one, I think.

Dapper Kid said...

I like the first one, the grey skirt is lovely :)