Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An Odd, Lovely Mix

At my work are we approximately more than 90 workers although there are just a few people I work with every weekday 9-16. Just because of that it doesn't mean that I haven't' seen different people walking in and out through the door. A lot of people here have their own style but there are a few stereotypes I've found and I'm sure they can be found in any other office around the world.

Age 18 - 25
Usually wear clothes from high street brands mixed with vintage pieces and maybe a handbag or two from an old relative. Leggins, plaid/striped loose shirts and wayfarers is a must. During work she talks with friends on facebook, even if it's strictly forbidden. For friday-fun, her nails turns into a deep red colour as a little change from the darkest black.
Style icons: Olsen twins, Kate Moss

Age 25-35
At least five cups of tea each day. Morning routine; trying to puzzle out the latest soduko quiz in the free newspaper she found on the tube at the same time as she's on the phone. Rocks the too short light denim jeans with her chunky booties from -93 and can't live without her crazy animal printed synthetic shirt.
Not her best friend: Rachel Zoe

Age 35 - 45
Matchy mummy. Light pink blazers goes perfect with brown stretch jeans and leather shoes with a little five centimeter heel. Walks the corridor with pounding steps as if it was a runway. She might diet on a salad and a chocolate smoothie few hours after her lunch if the salad made her hungry again.
Dream date: Bon Jovi

Have you seen them?
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Couture Carrie said...

So funny!
I have seen all of them!


Audrey Leighton said...


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