Sunday, October 05, 2008

Oh, John.. never disappoint me. Makeup artist Pat McGrath did it again and this makeup reminds me of JG spring summer 08 and that was one of my favourite shows by him. This dolly-world, crazy makeup, weird colourful hair and funky lashes - you can't hate it really. The girls look like they had a bucket of paint colour throwed on their faces but it's so beautiful, they look like doll clowns!

And all the colours on the clothes, I love it. A lot of orange, hot hot pink, sheer fabrics in pastel colours and flowerprints. We need spring now! I can't believe it's so rainy outside at the moment but Galliano definitely cheers me up!

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Sunniva said...

Love all the colours that he uses! The girls look really sweet in their flashy make-up and bright coloured hair.

Kenza said...

And i really like your original style ! ^^

Paul Pincus said...

both geniuses.

gosh, i haven't thought about pat mcgrath for a long time. perfect collaboration!

truly great post!

Anna Pope said...

I always love JG's shows because the make-up is so beautiful and fun. Gives me tons of inspiration!

sueper said...

a modern translation of the 'victorian' style