Friday, October 24, 2008

K For Men

You all know by now that I'd love to dress up my own man (where are you?) as you've seen all the menswear in my blog posts. I just can't help it but I think it's so fun to look at mens clothing and it just seems so simple (yet very chic) to just put on a nice shirt with matching colourful socks. These outfits might not be as colourful as I'd like them to be but they look good anyway, cosy for autumn/winter.

Everyday when I go to work the Filippa K menswear store is next to me and it's always fun to go window shopping for a few seconds because there are so many beautiful pieces there and every man should wear them. More Filippa K to all the men!

(Images from


May Kasahara said...

I want that last blazer with the black lapel.


Dapper Kid said...

Snap! I just did a Filippa K post too lol. She is amazing!

iñaki said...

I didn't know this brand, thank you so much!
I would love to own every single one of these garments!!