Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My Manager Wears Prada

For fun I wore my white, pretty heels today with my grey coat but sadly they are not as comfortable as they are pretty. With very sad feet and a hungry stomach I was getting bored as I didn't have a lot of numbers left to call during my work (marketing research company = call companies). So schwipp. Went to the internet, checked my mail and went off. Still no numbers. Gah. Next to me there is this big paper : "Strictly forbidden to use the internet if it isn't for work". I've read it a lot of times but I mean to check your mail sometimes isn't bad, right? I went back to the internet and just read some gossip at the main page, clicked around... Sat there for a few minutes when I almost jumped off my chair as my manager was behind me. Oh my god. She gave me a little smile (ironic one? hope not) and said that I should have told her that I didn't have any numbers left. And then she says "I can actually see everything you're watching on my computer." She walked away. Tomato face. Should I be happy that Meryl Streep isn't my manager? Some people actually got fired because they checked their facebook 24/7 at work. Even if I'm not in the same boat as the facebook:ers; please God, save me. Haha.

Have you been in a similar situation?
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simply.steph said...

that is crazy! I was so afraid my boss could see the sites i was visiting but i would reassure myself that it was just paranoia. after reading this I'm not too sure... gah.