Monday, October 20, 2008

With Good Comes Bad

When I was spent a few minutes on yesterday I saw these red, sparkly glitter shoes. Ding! Where have I seen them before..I just figured out that they remind me of my friend Kim's red shoes. Ta daa.

I've been a bad blogger but I spent most of my time at my summer house yesterday. Very peaceful and harmonic, I was sitting all alone in the forest trying my hardest to find some screaming yellow chanterelles - and I found 'em. If someone saw me they would stare at my cozy outfit but that's the great thing about summer houses miles away, no one sees you or cares about how you look. I could just continue to happily enjoy my father's big boots and raincoat. But with good chanterelle luck, bad always comes. When I woke up this morning I found a über mini tick, stuck on my arm. C'est miserable!
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itsjustme said...

Don't you just love those today-i-am-going-to-do-exactly-what-i-want-and-nothing-more-days? This sounds like one.

Lovely shoes, indeed.