Sunday, November 16, 2008

Being Swedish Isn't That Bad After All

Right now Sweden isn't just about meatballs, IKEA and Abba. There are so many talented Swedish designers out there and Dagmar is one of my favourites. If I could, I'd definitely buy all these pieces from their A/W 08 collection. They look super chic but yet simple (in a good way), adore! You could wear one of the dresses at work with flats and then just put on a nice pair of heels and go straight to a party and throw away your cardigan. Socks, tights or just bare legs - everything works.

Why the name Dagmar?
It was the name of the three sister's (behind the label) grandmother, their muse and inspiration source. Go grandma!

More Dagmar

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Ca said...

Oooh, Dagmar is interesting. I like the eye-catching simplicity.

Gooo Grandma!

Dapper Kid said...

I really like these, they are quite classic pieces, and oh so nice!