Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Marc Hearts Daisy?

"I think she looks adorable", saysMarc Jacobs about Miss Daisy Lowe. She sure looks adorable and she's the new face of Marc by Marc Jacobs. No more Posh hiding in a bag or M.I.A so lets see how this campaign end up. Daisy has been the model for Agent Provocateur and French Connection so now it's time to say hello to Marc.

Do you like that Daisy is the new face for this campaign? Who would you like to see in the next Marc Jacobs ad?

(Image from photobucket.com)


Meríë said...

I hate her, she is trashy!

Sydneydoll said...


i really dont know.

i really like riley keough (elvis's grandaughter.
she was the face of dior cherie a few yrs ago.

i also like allegra beck (versace).