Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Model Vs Model

Agyness and Chanel, why can't I wear a suit like this and look good goood? Well I haven't tried yet but they sure make me want to dress like that 24/7. C'est über chic! Who wore it best?

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Sunniva said...

They both look amazingly good, but I have to say that Chanel looks a teeny tiny bit better though Agyness looks incredible too.

And I'm adding you too, I can't understand why I haven't done it sooner!


LoulouWHO? said...

agyness looks fab!
especially with the red heels :)
and i'm sure you would look good in it too! :D

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

They both look good, but those trousers look a bit wrong on Chanel! Not normally a fan of Agy but she looked so hot

portedecave said...

Du skulle nog passa i agyness suit ;D

Beanstalk kanske är lite blyg ><


portedecave said...
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STARR said...

I'd say Agyness because Chanel just looks like a kid playing dress-up lol
I wish I were tall enough to look that good in a suit.

Theresa said...

agy looks amazing here, I want the tuxedo jacket she's go on.

Sydneydoll said...

definitely agyness

and im not really a fan of hers.

dapper kid said...

I personally love the top half of Chanel, that shirt and neck tie are divine, plus I like the cut of the jacket...but the trousers are kinda off! But otherwise Agyness looks pretty good, I love the hat and clutch.