Saturday, December 20, 2008

Photo of the day..

Christmas will be knocking on our door very soon! Are you all excited? This year I've just bought two gifts, two iPod shuffle! I know that both of my parents do need more music in their life so I thought they deserve this little gift, haha. Hopefully they'll like it, especially when I choosed their favourite colours; green and silver.

Finally two weeks for just friends, family and a lot of nice time alone. No work, no stress - we all deserve it! The last day at work I had a falafel for lunch and clumpsy as I am, I managed to get a lot of garlic sauce on my VW coat.. Oh well, at least the falafel was yummy.


dapper kid said...

Yay for Christmas holidays :) And those presents sound perfect for them!

jaime said...

aww you're gorgeous and i love that red lipstick on you! you're totally rocking it, i wish i could look this good with red lipstick!

MaryMary-Jane said...

you look really good whith the red lips and dark hair!