Tuesday, December 30, 2008

H&M Loves Coco

Why isn't spring here yet? I have to admit that Coco makes me wanna buy all these H&M outfits, gorgeous girl! The floral dress is super cute and I'd love to wear that hat with a nice bikini. Oh and they have adorable coats for spring too! There's a lot of colours in the spring/summer collection (and we love it). Hooray for H&M, you don't even have to pay much for great clothes.


Fashion Carnival said...

I also want spring already to begin but mainly because of the fashion weeks.. for me not only Coco, but lots of models, if I see a beautiful ad i want to but the clothes!


this is gorge!coco is a hottie. my fave dear is the first floral dress.its adorable!
hun have a lovely new years eve! whatever you get up to ,hope you have a memorable time.
muah x

dapper kid said...

These are so beautiful! I adore H&M but for some reason the menswear never seems to have good pieces most the time, only from time to time do I see something I like.

xoAlexa said...

coco is crazy!... have you seen her new blog? and check out my newest post with for a youtube video of her!