Thursday, January 08, 2009

How To Save £184 (and use them well after)

January is always the month when I usually get a very petit salary. Although it might be hard to save your money right now in this economic crise we're living in (or maybe you save everything because of it!), you can always take away a latte or two - and save some cash *cachiing*.

A regular month can look like this:
£1.6 Latte/coffee at Starbucks, or any other store, before work five days a week = £32
£5.5 Lunch out, maybe sushi, five days a week = £110
Two magazines. Swedish Elle + Vogue UK = £10
£4.1. A coffee and a cupcake to eat while you discuss something important with your friend/friends, twice a week = £32
= £184 (If you smoke a cigarette package/day, then add approx £105 and say hello to £289 instead.)

It's crazy, isn't it? So if you skip a month (if you tend to buy all this or more) then you'd be able to shop something lovely next month. Maybe s scarf by McQueen, Marc Jacobs clutch, chic pencilskirt by Westwood OR any of these fabulous Miu Miu heels (if they're still on sale..)

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dapper kid said...

Holy smokes, I may have to give this a try and walk away with cash for something luxurious!

Ca said...

So true, I should start saving more!

Bambola said...

A coffee isn't much, but when you add it all up, you really can save loads.

Besides...a pair of shoes is far more glamourous than 20 cups of coffee in a month!

Bambola x