Thursday, February 12, 2009

- Acne? Yes!

So yesterday I got this from petite lookbook (or what to call this one) from Acne's spring/summer 2009 collection.
I-Need-That-Swimsuit-Now (the white one but maybe in black hmm..).
We'll see a lot of ripped jeans, crazy platform heels, nice chic leather jackets and more more denim (of course) from Acne this summer.


May Kasahara said...

that swimsuit is AMAZING. Also that bikini looking top in the first look. ♥

Loulou said...

such an amazing swimsuit, i love it! like everything of their new spring/summer collection!

iñaki said...

As much as I love UK Vogue, I couldn't believe it when I saw Mrs. Cole on the cover, and so airbrushed!
Of course a shopping date is in order on your next London visit!