Monday, February 09, 2009

Photo of the day..

Hello crazy fringe. Need to cut it before I'm going to bed = soon as I'm not feeling so well and the right side of my throat hurts. Maybe some tea and chocolate would make my little throat happier.


Loulou said...

i love your blouse so so much!
i'm searching for something like that for ages aahh!

LoveMore said...

love your header! and your red lips suit you very much hon.
thanks for your comment!! :)
xxx love lM

Ca said...

Yes, ginger, lemon and honey tea will help. Get well!

And hello, I want to go to London, haha.

dapper kid said...

Eeek hope you're feeling well! Gargling salt water before you sleep helps sore throats. Oh and I love the top :)

May Kasahara said...

ohhhh feel better. drinks tons of tea * * *