Sunday, April 26, 2009

Graduation Times

You just say Hola, and whops a week ran away from you. Two years ran away from me extremely fast - my graduation feels like yesterday! Some of my friends graduate within two months and I have no idea what graduation gifts I should give them. Panic! Plates? Clothes? No! Eh, well I have to figure out something. If you have a brilliant idea for the perfect-graduation-gift, tell me!

The best thing with graduation is that you're able to wear a beautiful, white (most of the girls here choose a white one, or a pale/nude/beige/pink colour...Neutrals! You get it!) dress. So if you won't get married, you'll wear a white dress anyway!

Or maybe a nude colour á la Stella McCartney?


Loulou said...

Dear Miji,

I tagged you on my blog!


Kayla Linzy said...

My graduation is this Friday. My grad dress is a nude beige / rosy pink color.

I just came across your blog, and I love it thus far. I shall follow you, and hope you check out my blog as well. kaylalinzy@blogspot.


Harri W said...

Just letting you know I gave you an Award as I love your blog!

Sunniva said...

That Stella McCartney dress would look amazing on you! xoxo

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