Saturday, April 11, 2009

Miss Restoin Roitfeld

Super sweet Julia Restoin Roitfeld seems to like Balmain - and she looks fabulous. Beautiful colours! It's not too hard to get your hands on a Balmain dress when your mother is Carine Roitfeld with a big C.

Which one of the two dresses do you prefer?
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Delina Russell said...

Miji! How in the world do you get your bangs so perfect? Really! Step by step help?

p.s. I love the hot pink Balmain!

dapper kid said...

I totally love the first one, the colour suits her and the sparkles underneath are divine!! Plus I love her shoes there without the tights better. Hope you're having a lovely Easter dear :)

Marian said...

loving her in the balmain. Like that her hair is like that with the dresses.
darling hope your well.
muah x

Kat said...

the left dress is so pretty!

Alexa said...

they are both gorgeous, but i think i like the pink one better! must be nice lol

Anna Pope said...

Love the color of the second one!

Mads said...

The pink one!! love the sparkly fabric underneath and this dress is one of my inspirations for the dress I wore for our gradball 2 weeks ago..=P