Saturday, June 06, 2009

Give Me Some Sprouse

Someone seems to love the Stephen Sprouse Graffiti. Gaga got the leggings (and the pumps) from Louis Vuitton- her dancers got them too.

Would you wear them?

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Loulou said...

I would wear the legging if i had enough money for a LV legging, but i really don't like the pumps or the bags with graffiti on, for me it's just a little over the top, i prefer the classic LV stuff actually!

Vanessa said...

maybe. i think its more about what your saying with them rather than if they look good.

thanks for posting this!

Bambola said...

I think they're cool, but personally I couldn't pull them off.

If you could pull them off though, they'd look brilliant

Anna Pope said...

I really love the leggings even though I usually never wear anything like this!

:DDDD said...

i own a pair of these actually. i love them SOOOOOOOO much. i wear them like alll the time and they make me sooooo happy. i wood def recommend these to ppl