Wednesday, June 17, 2009

H&M Goes Jimmy Choo

This might be exciting! Jimmy Choo will be the guest designer for H&M this autumn. Shoes, clothes and bags will be in 200 different H&M stores around the world. Look at the zebra printed heels, yum!
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dapper kid said...

SO excited!!! I may buy a pair just to put on my shelf lol.

Aberdeen said...

I loooove you blog! I love your pictures, you comments, lady gaga haha! I really enjoy watching you videos aswell, and about the loubutin shoes, i think you should buy the black ones, i love animal print, but maybe for a second pair of loubutins, they are not as wearable as the black ones, black goes with everything ;)
Anyways, i would really aprecciate if you checked out my blog, i think you will like it too, at least i hope you will hahaha
Lovee xxxx
Emily, Aberdeen

iñaki said...

THAT is something I am looking forward to see!!


Marian said...

how fun, cant wait to see full collection.
muah x

Bostonista said...

IDK about you but I'm going to be camping out!
Can't wait to see the entire collection!