Friday, July 10, 2009

Couture Nam Nam

Yes! It's time for Haute Couture again and I adore Christian Dior. John Galliano is a little genius and mr Dior himself would be proud if he could see this beautiful collection.

Ladies, are you ready to show your garter belts in public? Haha.
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iñaki said...

I loves the vibe and the makeup of the collection. Wasn't so thrilled about the clothes.


Bostonista said...

Well, maybe not in a public, but there ARE a few gentlemen (okay maybe just a special one) that I wouldn't mind trying to entice with a perfectly placed garter belt (or two).

Will you be wearing yours outside Miji?!

John Galliano did a beautiful job with this season I think. I was more impressed this time around then with the previous couture showing.