Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Said Brr

It's so cold outside yet very beautiful when the sun is shining - the snow looks like a glitter bomb, sort of! Before I went out today I checked how cold it was...-10 celsius huh! There was no way that I would put on my wool coat (it is warm though) even if it's prettier than my fluffy down coat. So yes I was hiding in my down coat, it's so comfy and I'm never cold in it but I look like a monster! I wish it could be spring soon but before that I'd like to wear my wool coats a bit more.

If you want a cute wool coat, check net-a-porter's sale!

Vivienne Westwood tartan wool coat £480 and Helmut Lang wool-blend coat £360
(Images from net-a-porter.com)

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