Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back to reality

It feels good to be home again, even though it was just a mini three days vacation at our summer house. Without a toilet, shower and a computer, it's kinda lonely. Sort of. I'm going to the city tomorrow, meeting up my friend Agnes for some coffee before shes leaving. I will also check for a pair of Filippa K trousers if they have them in stock and if it's sale (hopefully under £50...). The tricky question is; what size would it be if they have them? Next problem I guess cus they are not for me.

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coco said...

Without a toilet, shower or computer? How did you stay alive???

Dapper Kid said...

Ok no toilet and are a trooper!! And I love the Filippa K trousers, you should just try on as many pairs as you can and find out which you like the fit of, I'm guessing just slightly baggy!

Anonymous said...

no toilet???