Monday, July 14, 2008

Hunting male trousers

La miji was in a male fitting room. Trying trousers for men. Yes, that's right. I bet if someone saw me, they would have laughed. Defo! Anyway. These trousers are from Whyred, £58. Hmprf. Not so baggy and tight like you want them though..Lovely tights miss miji!
I was at the Filippa K store again and sadly they didn't sell the pair I was looking for but they had a lot of other nice stuff. It was also 50% on almost everything except the fall collection (8 new stuff or something). Shirts, chinos and nice t-shirts. All guys should wear Filippa K, it looks so so good! Mr J hun, you can check here cus I'm uploading these photos for you so you can see what trousers they had, and let me know what you think about them (the beige trousers were in black).
I've just realized that there is a lot of nice swedish brands! I'd love to have a pair of these Acne shoes (or maybe all of them?). And the Acne dress!! And more dresses from Minimarket! Yes please. Time to save up! Now; workout. x

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