Sunday, July 27, 2008

Diamonds are forever, right?

Oh my! Victoire de Castellane is the jewelry designer for Dior Joaillerie and I just love all her work. I think she got a lovely style too. How amazing wouldn't it be if someone proposed to you and gave you a ring like this one? My oh my! You have to check the website, there is so much pretty jewelry but I don't think my wallet is good enough for that though!
Whats your fav piece of jewelry?

PS: I'm still trying to get those damn Miu Miu's to love my wide feet, but if someone knows how to make them love me that would be lovely.

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Dapper Kid said...

That ring is beautiful!!! *sigh* I want some fabulous seriously old men's rings!

coco said...

my my my that ring is pretty. I love the green.

CoutureCarrie said...

That ring is so incredible!!! And Dior paste is surprisingly affordable!

Rich Hippie said...

mm im not big with accesories, but i love costume jewelry alot, so this video really got me exited about it.

Oh and PLEAS, pretty pleas...could you show me how you post videos from