Sunday, July 27, 2008

This breaks my heart

This is why I'd never wear fur.


Paris said...

I can't even bring myself to press play, I know i'll cry. I agree, faux all the way!! I've got a beautiful faux coat and you can't tell the difference so why the need for real fur? I love Stella McCartney for standing against issues like this and producing some of the most beautiful pieces in fashion in my opinion xx

Anonymous said...

ugh.. ;__;
I hate that stupid people!
Poor cute animals, they feel too and don't deserve that!

Laurel said...

I agree with Paris. I can't watch it. I've seen one too many of these and it impacted me so much. The fur market is phenomenally sickening and so blatantly wrong, thank god for the few designers who want to take a stand.


sweetpie said...

I'd never wear fur too, so sad video!!
For a long time ago I want to be vegetarian and now more, but I think maybe I'm gonna be hungry all time, because try to do not eat meat all days, and when I don't eat it- me=hungry all day long :(

are you vegetarian?
how is your diet?

lara said...

OMG this is so sad, I tried to watch it but I had to break up after 1 minute... I know that I will never wear fur, I can't imagine why some people are sp addicted to fur, I mean don't they feel sorry for the animals?

myriam said...

I'm a vegetarin yes! There is loads of other stuff you can eat if you don't wanna eat meat, and yummier too! :)

Dapper Kid said...

I can't even bring myself to press play! It's so true, fur farms are sickening, faux fur is the way to go!