Sunday, August 31, 2008

Golden oldie pieces

Today I've just been lazy and I've tried to tidy my room with no result. Hmprf. As I was trying to get rid of some clothes in my wardrobe I found funny, old vintage dresses. The green one is my aunt's old dress from the 80's and the little black 60's dress is my grandmother's. You can find amazing dresses on ebay, they have a huge vintage section there so if you haven't checked it out yet you definitely should! The bad part is that you might sit there for hours but the good part is that you'll actually find a lot of beautiful pieces for a few dollars. Hooray! One auction I've won was an old hatbox with pretty vintage hats and you can see them in this video. It's just fun to have them, I like!

Have you found some nice vintage pieces my friends?


Gala Gonzalez said...

hey darling! thanks for ur comment! i think u have a really cool blog.i add you to favs! also is a really good idea to post videos of ur self i love wahtching them!
take care! and try some skinny jeans...hehehe

Paris said...

Awe I love your hats they're so so lovely!!

Hmmmm...I have a lovely vintage faux fur coat that I got at Glastonbury festival xx

Bostonista said...

I never find vintage things I like. I'm just picky and lack imagination I suppose. I'm glad you liked the Kate Moss pictures...I posted them just for you!

Dapper Kid said...

Love the last two hats :)


the hats are adorable and I heart the green dress! it looks a treat against your raven black hair!

p.s you are darn pretty!