Saturday, August 30, 2008

I wanna have your baby

Tonight I'm gonna babysit two sweet girls for a friend at my work as she and her husband are going out for a little night together. My sister also got two kids, a boy and a girl and I find it so fun to go shopping cute clothes for them. Sometimes I wonder how it would be to have my own child. Look at Suri Cruise, so cute! Under the cute child there sure is a lot of do's and don'ts, few hours sleep and hectic days, but except that it would be so fun to dress up a mini Myriam! You can find many fashionable clothes from highfashion brands for les enfants for more than half the price if you compare to adult clothes but it's still a lot of money and they might just be able to wear it for a year or two as they are growing up...Oops. But hey, it's fun to look at though. Look at these Burberry coats and the little plaid dress, adorable. I'll feed my child with plaid clothes and pretty coats, for sure!

How would you like to dress your kids?

ps: I went to the university to take the speaking test today but the teacher made a mistake as she thought I was supposed to do the test in August. Haha so there I was, nervous for the test but oh well it's in September instead.
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CoutureCarrie said...

Ooooh I want to have a little girl just so I can dress her in Baby Burberry! Did you know D&G make the cutest baby clothes??

Adorable post :)


sydneydoll said...

good luck for your test.
luck you : )

there are so many cute baby clothes
they are extra cute as they are sooo small.

i will definitely dress mine in cardigans like i was.

coco said...

I really can't wait to have babies just so I can dress them up.
Probably not a reason to have them but oh well!


best of luck for your test and as for Suri she is way... too stylish for a kid!Ah... if I'm blest with a daughter,the fun i'l have dressinng her. She would be in the sweetest prints in simple girly shapes.

Sunniva said...

Oh yes I'm really looking forward to dress up a little mini-me! I know I'll probably spoil my children rotten with so many clothes, and I'll definitely dress them all up in plaid haha!

Great post xxx