Friday, August 29, 2008

Gothy lips? Possible.

Would dare to go out with black lips? I want to! Ok maybe just to try it on..(I'd be super goth? Haha.) The lipgloss sold out on Ysl's website quick but maybe it will end up on ebay soon. If not; take your eyeliner and within a few seconds you'll get dramatic-metal-black-ysl-runway lips (I'll try it for you..) Oui! As I was looking at their website I came over a perfumed body powder with the same fragrance as one of my perfums, Baby Doll from Ysl. Isn't the little box cute?

I'm a bit nervous as I'm doing one part of the IELTS test tomorrow, the speaking part. Gosh! We'll see how it goes, my 15 minutes of fame..
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* Fashion Dreamer * said...

I like them on the catwalk but it's a bit extreme! I'll probably experiment with plummy lip stains...I never wear anything on my lips though!

BHH said...

Maybe, it can be really cool, as long as the rest of you doesn't look as gothic.