Thursday, August 28, 2008

Le products miji adore

Can you imagine that it's allready Friday tomorrow? Madness! If the weeks are continuing this fast, I'd probably be 30 years old very shortly big time. Every morning the breakfast is waiting before work and after it's time for le makeup. After reading a lot of nice blog posts, I got inspired to put up my own little video! It's nothing special though but it's some of my favorite products when it comes to makeup and perfums.

The first product is the M.A.C fix spray and it is awesome, I think it's my favorite product actually so if you haven't tried it you should. If you sit infront of the computer a lot or just want a fresh face when it's hot outside, just spray it on and your skin will love it. Refreshing? Absolutely! Check out the little video here, voila!

What's your favorite product?


♥ fashion chalet said...

Great products. I like your accent. :) My favorite product is lipgloss.

PS: Thanks for your comment, in my blog! <3

sydneydoll said...

agreed, you have a lovely accent : )

i honestly dont wear much makeup.
favourite product - probably getting my eyelashes tined.
but that isnt even my product.

MR style said...

i love your skin and yeah your accent makes me smile even if mine isnt wicked !

Bostonista said...

You're so beautiful! And your accent is divine! I'm so jealous!
I am also a MAC addict but I've never seen that MAC spray! I'll have to check it out!


PS: I added the photos of Kate Moss from W and from Interview just bc you said you wanted to see the W ones! :D

Paris said...

Awe wow, bless you, that's a great video!! How you been watching Panacea by any chance? Hehe. I agree with the others, you have a really nice accent, a little like Coco Rocha! Where are you from? I have not yet come across the fixative spray, does it do the job?

My fav product for the moment has to be my Laura Mercier foundation xx

Sorellina said...

du är adorable lilla älskling!

Dapper Kid said...

Yay, love the video, your accent is amazing!!! The perfume bottle with the bow looks adorable :)

Ida said...

What a lovely video! Keep them coming, you are adorable!

CoutureCarrie said...

Cool post . .
My fave product has to be MAC Lipglass :)