Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Answering-machine ladies

Work work work. Yes, there's been a lot of work recently but I shouldn't complain. Thank god that Marina is there, she's so encouragingly and everytime she says something funny, someone picks up the phone and I just giggle through the whole conversation with a financial manager or something. Not so proffesional but fun for sure! Another funny thing is that the women who works as a receptionist often sounds like an answering-machine when you call. You just sit there, waiting for the beep to come and then when you not expect it, there is a "Hello?!" shriek in your ear. So annoying! I wonder if I'll get the honor to have the answering-machine voice one day..

I'm a bit concerned about my lovely Chuck Bass, he looks so sad poor sweetie. I hope you all saw the first episode of Gossip Girl season 2, if not you definitely should. I'd love to have my own Chuck so I can give him a Westwood scarf that suits his preppy blazer or it might be better if we both can foray the whole Westwood flagship store together. Spend our weekends reading juicy celebgossip together aswell. Wouldn't that be amazing?

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Dapper Kid said...

Chuck is by far my favourite on Gossip Girl, he dresses sooo cool! And love the photo, your make up is flawless!!

CoutureCarrie said...

I'm Chuck Bass.



sydneydoll said...

chuck epitomsises cool.

Anna Pope said...

Chuck is my favorite character on that show for sure! I would not mind having him around either.