Thursday, September 04, 2008

Photo of the day..

It's always fun with old photos. This is from last year by la Mika! My bloginspiration is on a journey right now, I think I need some sleep. The workout today was fun but my legs are like spaghetti. It's so good when you know that you're able to workout a few specific days each week, it gets you motivated!
My blogfriends, are you working out or doing any acitivites?


sueper said...

Nice blog, you look great!
I play volleyball: it is a group of girls laughing, you don't feel you're working out!
I added your link;)

Vain and Vapid said...

Lovely photo, the hair accessory is such a nice touch... I never work out at the gym but I do yoga.

marmalade-heart said...

Oooh I should definitely start working out again. I am too lazy for my own good, haha! ;)

coco said...

I run a couple of times a week. I intend to later today.

Sunniva said...

Such a nice photo, and I love your hair! I do quite a bit of running, I always feel so good afterwards.


Anna Pope said...

I love looking through old photographs, even the ones from my rock chick days are fun in a cringe-worthy way.

That is a very beautiful photo of you! You really rock those bangs.

Tae-Bo and running all the way ;D