Friday, September 05, 2008

A Betsey Affair!

You all know that I'm a bit obsessed with ebay, but I can't help it! Everyday, almost, when I sit here I'll go first to then and eventually, Ha!! Miji the freak. But the good thing is that you actually find amazing stuff out there. Clothes with tags, used or maybe just a pair of shoes someone has used twice. You've seen the vintage hats but I've also found some great Betsey Johnson bargains. A lot might think that all her dresses are only very "flufffluff prom chic" (look at her New York apartment, she is the real pink fluffy princess) but there are some basic, pretty clothes too. Check out the video (sorry, not so good quality) as I'm showing three cute Betsey bargains.

(Image from


Fashion-Obsessed! said...

i love betsys apartment, so so adorable,
Great post

♥ fashion chalet said...

thanks for the comment!! :) your hair is beautiful this color!! :)


Eh are in my NAVE!...go to the captain speak about...!?!kiss kiss more kiss.

Ida said...

Your videos are always so fresh! The dress is a beauty.


marmalade-heart said...

I want to live in betsys apartment!!! :)
Oh btw, I made my "Japan" post public again, so feel free to have a look (but you have to scroll down a bit since the entry is from december)! ;)

Dapper Kid said...

The dress is beautiful and I do adore the bottom of those heels!