Thursday, October 30, 2008

Early Bed For Miss M

Hello lovers! I haven't been able to comment any blog posts as I've been working and after hours of work I just went straight to my bed. I was supposed to work 'til 9pm tonight but I didn't feel completely well so I went straight home. Guess I'll stay here tomorrow, eating a lot of fruit and maybe some chocolate if my throat manage to swallow the yummy sweets.

Look, the VW boots are now in...BLACK! This isn't good. I can't handle it. I need new booties!
Bedtime now!

PS Haha the image went from small to el grande, very funny I'll fix that tomorrow!
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Lindsay_Loves said...

Great boots :]

Anna Pope said...

Hope you feel better soon :)

Ca said...

Happy Halloween!

I plan on having tons of chocolate and other sweets tonight, haha.

coco said...

I love how they are pink on the inside!

Dapper Kid said...

Those are beautiful, and the lining is delightful :) Hope you feel better sooooooon!

Mimi said...

oh these are just stunning.