Wednesday, October 29, 2008

VW Tokyo Is All I Want For Christmas

Now when Christmas is waiting around the corner we all start to think about the perfect gift that we're suppossed to get somehow. My friend is going to Tokyo now in November for a few months and I can't say that I don't envy him.

We all now that a lot of japanese kids adore Queen Westwood so I checked out the japanese online VW store a few minutes ago. There were so much pretty accessories and clothes that I-Need-To-Get. But how? Send a list to my friend so he can get it? Maybe! Anyway, I found the perfect Christmas presents too and the funny thing is that it isn't that expensive as it is in the UK.

Myriam's Christmas-list-of-presents-to-give-away
Pants for the perfect boyfriend aprox £26
Umbrella for rainy days your father hates aprox £53
Nailpolish for your little sister aprox £10
Tights for your fashionable mother aprox £8.50
Gloves for your older brother who dislikes the winter aprox £33
Bag aprox £275. You need a present too!

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sueper said...

the boxer are funny lol

Charlotte said...

What a lovely blog do you have!
Just discovered it.
I tagged you in the game 'Name six things that make you happy'
I love the heartshaped sunglasses.

iñaki said...

I can't wait for Christmas!!
What are you applying for at LCF?