Monday, January 05, 2009

Sale Sale Sale

Who! Here are the items I've purchased recently during the lovely sale. If you haven't got yourself anything yet you definitely should. There are so many great webshops out here on the internet - love it! I'd love to know what you've bought recently on the sale, tell moi!

1 - Chloé skirt
2 - Purple Chloé skirt
3 - Dark green Miu Miu heels
4 - Lingerie from Agent Provocateur
5- Orange top from See by Chloé
6- Hot pink heels from Christian Dior
7 - Black skirt from Vanessa Bruno Athé
8 + 9 - Dresses from Filippa K
10 - Pink blazer from Filippa K

PS: It's -10 degrees (celsius) here right now. Not okay.


Loulou_M said...

mmm your shoes look like sugar, cuteee :D it may be sales but i think you already lost alot of money :D but it looks great all!

you definitly should buy yourself a pair of uggs, just to make your feets comfortable if you wear all days those heels like your Dior's :p

it's here in belgium -7 degrees
awwww cold cold cold!

Loulou_M said...
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Marlboro Martini said...

I want all of your shopping- don't you have the credit crunch in Sweden??

I'm totally jealous!

MM x


darling fabulous picks! loving all the pieces.Love the hot pink Fillipa K blazer,the black dresses are great too and versatile.adore the heels and the chloe skirt too.
yummy post M!

STEFANIE said...

Ooh it all looks great!! But I'm really in love with that pink blazer =)

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Wow...insanely jealous of all your sale goods. Love the bright colours too, I am so sick of black right now

Anna Pope said...

Great, great buys! The shoes are amazing and so is that pink blazer!

chuckles said...

Loving the blazer

dapper kid said...

:O Those heels are amazingness!!! And I love the pink blazer and FK dresses!

LJ said...

Ooh fabulous buys there! The heels are fantastic and seems handy to have..
xx-LJ from SOS!

M said...

I'm in love with that BLAZER! Want one now :)

Nice blog!