Sunday, January 04, 2009

Words Words

Sooo...I've decided that I can go and check eBay on Sundays. Am I that bad if I do that? Hope not! I'll make a lovely vlog for you this week so I can show some of my new garments I've purchased during the sale.

How am I supposed to wake up 6:30 am and get ready for work tomorrow? Gosh we'll see if I'll make it or not. And I really need to cut my fringe, now!

What are you doing this week?


Ca said...

Last week of holiday for me, must enjoy and relax till the very end. Haha!

Bambola said...

I have work all this week. No break for me this year :) Start a new job too, a bit nervous but it should be good.

MR style said...

good question, im doin my homework !!! it sucks right !

Loulou_M said...

for me it's going to be sales sales sales and searching for a job :)