Thursday, February 05, 2009

On Sale - Models!

In these days we're getting used to the financial crisis, it strikes us all. Even famous, well paid models suffer right now. According to the Swedish model Caroline Winberg, some of the models choose to work for less money but Caroline herself decides to not work at all than being "on sale". Hello half price models! Customers will now use more established models than to give new faces a chance to say hola.

Which model/models will work for less *caching* do you think?
And who will still get her full salary?

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dapper kid said...

Haha, I have a feeling Naomi C would have a full diva moment and strangle anyone who suggested working for half price to her!

coco said...

I read Claudia is going for half price.

Harri W said...

Surely working for something is better than not working at all..?? Everyone is suffering at the mo.