Saturday, February 07, 2009

Shoes And Their Quality

A girl can never have too many shoes, we all know that and so does Carrie Bradshaw (we don't have all her Manolos though). In our closet we might only find a few "quality" shoes, sleeping in their cute shoeboxes as Louboutins and other exclusive shoe labels are very pricey.

I remember one day in London, two years ago or something, when I wore a pair of black, patent wedges. They were from a store here in Sweden where you can get three pair of shoes for the price of two (bargain? Huh). The day started ok, I managed to walk in the shoes the first hours (note: with extra soles). They were made of some plastic material, no leather at all but they were very nice to look at. And cheap! In the end of the day my feet were swollen, red and miserable. I could hardly walk to our hotel and since that day I try to not buy heels or shoes made by anything less than leather or should I say quality shoes?

Get 11(!) H&M sandals or 1 pair of Celine sandals for the same price. Ok this was a huge
difference but you get it, haha.

H&M and other stores sell chic, cute heels for a low, budget price but they are usually not made by leather and they tend to not be comfortable. Of course, many heels/shoes made by leather can also be very hard to walk and not comfy but still expensive. My experince with cheap shoes hasn't been the best so I'd rather pay more for a pair of shoes I can walk in, than getting three for two.

Cheap vs. Expensive?
(It would be crazy to buy all your heels on net-a-porter. You can purchase great heels on eBay for a low price, new or used. Go shoe hunting!)
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Jordan said...

i like the h&m ones better! haha
i get what you mean, i dread more than a few hours in a pair of shitty heels, but i don't like to buy leather so i guess i have to make do. ebay ebay ebay!